Tuesday, December 3, 2013

DIY Pallet Tufted Coffee Table/Ottoman

The pallet possibilities these days are seriously endless. I decided to stock up on some pallets and hold onto them until I found a project that was just right. After browsing Pinterest, I came across an amazeballs coffee table knockoff of West Elm’s ottoman. A pallet project annnnddd a get-the-look-for-less in one is my kind of DIY! Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of the process, but you can find the fantastic and very detailed tutorial I followed over at Domestic Superhero


DIY Pallet Coffee Table // thetwistedhorn.com

  • Pallet (free)
  • Scrap wood (optional; free)
  • Plywood (I used pegboard from Lowe's - $9; this will make the tufting easier as well)
  • 1 in foam – 2 yards (Joann’s - $15)
  • Batting (Joann’s - $10)
  • 2 yards fabric - Robert Allen/Dwell Studio Maze Work (Joann's - $20)
  • Spray Adhesive (had on hand)
  • Dust cover (optional; I used landscape fabric - Kmart - $2)
  • 4 furniture feet (Lowe’s - $28)
  • 4 plates to attach feet (Lowe’s - $8)
  • Staple gun/staples (had on hand)
  • Button kit (Joann's - $5)

NOTE: I always use coupons when shopping at Joann's, Michael's, or other fabric stores and at Lowe's I get 10% off as a military discount, so the prices I post may vary.

I also did just a few things differently from Domestic Superhero to either save money or cut corners.

  • I left the pallet at its original size
  • I didn't cover the bottom of the pallet with plywood
  • I used scrap wood to fill in the 2 open edges of the pallet
  • I used a different method for tufting - but quickly regretted that and now recommend using her method. Although, I do recommend using pegboard instead of plywood to eliminate the need to drill any holes.

Overall, this has been one of my favorite DIY projects to date. Well worth the time and money!

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  1. Where can I get the rug pictured in the day version

    1. Hi Micah, the rug is an outdoor rug from RugsUSA. Here is the link: http://www.rugsusa.com/rugsusa/rugs/rugs-usa-outdoor-chevron/grey/200OWDN07B-330411.html

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