Monday, February 24, 2014

DIY Modernica Case Study Planter

I recently purchased a snake plant after hearing that it is nearly impossible to kill (we'll see about that) and have been on the look out for the perfect planter to put it in.

DIY Modernica Planter | The Twisted Horn

After seeing this picture on Pinterest I knew I wanted to get the MODERNICA CASE STUDY PLANTER.

                         DIY Modernica Planter | The Twisted Horn
                           via: Damselindior

BUT NOT FOR $189 + shipping!!!! So naturally the next step was to look for a DIY. I stumbled upon THIS one by Hello Lidy and started gathering supplies. I wanted mine to look exactly like the Modernica one so I made a few changes to her tutorial.


  • I found a pot that was or could easily be made to look like the Modernica one. I chose the MARBELIZED CYLINDER PLANTER from West Elm (on sale for $9.99)! Then I painted it with a white glossy spray paint.

DIY Modernica Planter | The Twisted Horn

  • I didn't use any fancy machinery. Ain't nobody got time for that, but more importantly, ain't nobody got money for that. I used the following tools:
    • Electric drill
    • Drill bit that matches the size of the dowels
    • 3/4" forstner bit
    • Hand saw
    • Wood chisel (3/4")
    • Sand paper
    • Wood glue
  • I used POPLAR instead of oak or another hardwood. After a first failed attempt at cutting a notch in the oak, I ditched it for the much softer poplar.
  • I cut the 1 1/2" x 24" piece of wood in to two 11" pieces. Then I found the center of each piece and drew a 3/4" x 3/4" square on the edge of each. To notch the square out saw down each edge and then use the wood chisel and hammer on the bottom of the square to get the chunk out. 
DIY Modernica Planter | The Twisted Horn

  • Use the forstner bit to drill out a cylinder shape. at each end of the wood. Sand if needed to straighten out. This was the hardest part and the only point I did wish I had a machine. 
  • I used Minwax wood stain in a combo of Early American & Dark Walnut. I also stained all of the pieces before gluing them together. I may go over it once more with just dark walnut, but I do like the contrast with the bookcase, so for now it's good enough. 

Finito! For under $20 I have a beautiful Modernica inspired planter and now you can too! 

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Electric Love Dream Catcher DIY

How gorgeous are these dream catchers by Electric Love NYC?????

DIY Dream Catcher // The Twisted Horn
 DIY Dream Catcher // The Twisted Horn

I could stare at them for days. The price ($300-$600 depending on size), however, is not so pretty. Don't get me wrong, I love supporting anything original, creative, and handmade, but this time I'm just going to have to settle for a DIY.

  • A hoop in your desired size (I used THIS one for $3)
    • Metal dream catcher ring
    • Wooden embroidery hoop
    • Wooden purse handles
    • The options are endless
  • Feathers in desired patterns & colors (I used 2 small bags for about $4 total)
    • Can get at any craft store or online HERE
  • Leather scraps and/or spool of leather lace (I used 2 spools at $9 each from Walmart)
    • Can be found at any craft store by the feathers
  • A branch in the shape of a "Y" that fits your hoop (free!)
  • Tape in matching color (I had electrical tape on hand - free!)
    • Black electrical
    • White electrical
    • Tan, etc.
  • Wire for hanging (I used a piece of wire used to hang frames - free!)
    • or Rope
    • or a piece of leather
  • Super glue (had on hand - free!)
    • A glue gun should work too

TOTAL COST: $25 (up to $35 if you don't use what you have on hand)

>>> HOW YOU DO IT <<<


Wrap the rope/wire with tape, unless it's already the color of your leather. Another option is to just use a strip of leather, leave a little loop at the top and then wrap it around the ring, securing it with glue.

DIY Dream Catcher // The Twisted Horn


Attach the rope/wire hanger onto the hoop with the leather string and begin wrapping the entire hoop in leather, adding a few drops of glue along the way. I put glue in 4 spots spread out along the hoop. Secure it with a knot and glue when you get to the end. You can also just tie a knot and leave some string hanging down.

DIY Dream Catcher // The Twisted Horn


Sand and clean your branch. Let it dry. Lay it against the hoop and trim the ends if needed.


Use the lace strips to secure the branch to the hoop.

DIY Dream Catcher // The Twisted Horn


Tie on the strips along the bottom of the hoop and the branch (using THIS tying technique) in a pattern of your choice. I chose to add a few along the branch, but concentrated mostly on the bottom of the hoop.

DIY Dream Catcher // The Twisted Horn


Iron your strips if needed. Then begin adding feathers & trimming the leather until you have your desired look/shape.

DIY Dream Catcher // The Twisted Horn


Add any additional ties along the hoop for added omph. Glue a feather near the top or by the area where the stick is attached.

DIY Dream Catcher // The Twisted Horn

All done! Admire your work. 

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

DIY Leather Tassel Key Chain

DIY Tassel Key Chain // The Twisted Horn

I've had my eye on a few leather tassel key chains lately, but never got around to buying one. They are pretty inexpensive on Etsy and can now be found in major stores like American Apparel. But why buy one when you can make it in less than 5 minutes for just a few bucks???

DIY Tassel Key Chain // The Twisted Horn

Via: American Apparel

  • Key ring - from dollar store
  • Leather lace scraps - had on hand, but can buy at any craft store
  • Super glue
  • Scissors
DIY Tassel Key Chain // The Twisted Horn

Just cut your leather lace into strips of equal length. Gather them together and then fold over the key ring. Using a hair tie or zip tie, secure the laces so they remain gathered. Slide the tie down a bit and use another lace strip to wrap the laces together and then use super glue to secure the lace.

So quick and so easy! Plus you can customize the key ring and leather colors any way you want! Here is the finished product:

DIY Tassel Key Chain // The Twisted Horn

There are plenty of variations out there. Here are a few that I love:

Rolled Up Tassel from Honestly WTF


Leather & Ombre String Combo (totally doing this to mine) from Twinkle & Toast


Knot Fringe Tassels from Because I'm Addicted



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