Wednesday, March 19, 2014

12 AFFORDABLE Modern Dining Chairs

I have been on the lookout for a new dining table & chairs for a while now. I can't find the exact table I have in mind, so I decided to build my own (stay tuned for that fiasco). Ideally, I would have an 8-10 person table that is a mix of rustic wood with modern chairs. However, trying to find a bargain for that many chairs is really hard. My go-to discount stores like TJ Maxx rarely have more than 4 of kind in stock, so that rules that out. Luckily, I have scoured the internet for some fabulous, and more importantly affordable, finds. Now my problem will be choosing from this pool of beauties!

Affordable Dining Chairs | The Twisted Horn

3. Baxton Studio Plastic Dining Chair // $90 (+20% off coupon)
6. NANDOR Chair // $80 - consider spraying the legs black to get THIS high-end look
7. STOCKHOLM Chair // $198
9. Tracy Wood Dining Chair // $216 - if this is too pricey, consider using 2 of these as head chairs and using chair #1 as the side chairs
10. Baxton Studio Wishbone Chair // $175 (+20% off coupons) - this chair was at TJ Maxx for $100, but I had trouble finding more than 5.
12. ESBJÖRN Chair // $89

I also love the idea of using different chairs for the head of the table like this:

                       Affordable Dining Chairs | The Twisted Horn
                                                     Via: Pinterest

Some great options to get this look:

Affordable Dining Chairs | The Twisted HornAffordable Dining Chairs | The Twisted HornAffordable Dining Chairs | The Twisted Horn
 Jasper Victoria - $199            Safavieh Deco Bacall - $242     Zuo Era Hayes Valley - $250

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