Thursday, March 27, 2014

DIY "hello" Doormat

I absolutely adore THIS "hello" doormat from lightly!!!
DIY "hello" Doormat / The Twisted Horn

But at $75 (AUD), I can't believe it is sold out. I love this thing, but $75 for a doormat is a bit much. So off I went to get some supplies for a DIY.

I found this doormat at Dirt Cheap for $5.

DIY "hello" Doormat / The Twisted Horn

I already had flat black spray and white acrylic paint on hand, so that makes the total cost $5!!! Even if you don't have the supplies you could probably do it for under $15.

STEP 1. Start by spray painting your entire mat black. Really make sure to get into those nooks and crannies. Mine took 3 coats to cover that darn writing!!!

DIY "hello" Doormat / The Twisted Horn

STEP 2. Once the paint is completely dry, sketch out the letters lightly with chalk. You can rinse them off with water and re-write it until you are happy, or print out the letters and make a a stencil.

DIY "hello" Doormat / The Twisted Horn

STEP 4. Once you are happy with the letters, use a small paint brush and begin tracing over the chalk. Let it dry and then enjoy your friendly mat!

DIY "hello" Doormat / The Twisted Horn

DIY "hello" Doormat / The Twisted Horn

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  1. Thanks for sharing your tutorial, I love it :)


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