Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easy Entryway Coat Rack

I have always wanted an entryway or mudroom in my house; they are not only cute, but can be as functional as you need them to be. While I don't have an entryway in the front entrance of my house, I do have a weird little entry nook in my master bedroom. It sat empty for a long time until I could figure out what I wanted to do with the space. I knew that I didn't want it to interfere with the passage way and that everything I used needed to be functional.

Entryway Coat Rack | The Twisted Horn

I loved this entryway below from Restored Style, but ultimately decided against the cubbies because they would interfere with the tight walk-way into the bedroom. What I did love about it was all of the storage space and the hooks. (The one on the left is their first home and on the right is their current home.)

         Entryway Ideas | The Twisted Horn   Entryway Ideas | The Twisted Horn

Get the look: LOW // HIGH

Then I came across this picture on Pinterest and loved the simplicity and rustic charm. The coat rack works perfectly because it sits flush against the wall, but while I love the look of the bench, it lacks storage. 

                                   Entryway Ideas | The Twisted Horn

I decided the coat rack would be a quick and easy DIY and I found a storage bench at none other than TJ Maxx to hold extra pillows and blankets. 

Entryway Ideas | The Twisted Horn


+ 1 wood board (mine was 2"x 8"x 4')
+ 6 coat hooks (I used cast iron hooks from Schoolhouse Electric)
+ wood stain (I used Minwax Early American)
+ french cleat to hang (here)

Once you have all of the supplies, measure and cut the wood. Then sand down if needed. Apply the stain and let dry thoroughly. Once dry, measure out where you want your hooks and begin to attach them to the wood. Now that the coat rack is done, use the french cleat to hang it up. Easy peasy!

Entryway Coat Rack | The Twisted Horn

Laundry Basket & Bench | TJ Maxx
Kilim Pillow | Urban Outfitters
Velvet Studded Pillow | West Elm

I do think it is missing something above it, perhaps a mirror or gallery wall.

                 Entryway Ideas | The Twisted Horn   Entryway Ideas | The Twisted Horn      
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          Entryway Ideas | The Twisted Horn     Entryway Ideas | The Twisted Horn
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