Tuesday, April 1, 2014

REVIEW: Imogene + Willie Custom Jeans

If you have never heard of Imogene + Willie denim, you will soon. This small mom & pop Nashville shop is quietly taking the denim world by storm. They create beautiful hand-crafted jeans in classic styles that are meant to last. The best part is that they customize the jeans to fit you perfectly, so you are guaranteed to leave the store with a pair of jeans that fits like a glove.


This is the fun part. Head over to the store (currently only in Nashville and Portland) and walk up to the jeans counter. You will be greeted by friendly staff determined to find you a great pair of jeans. The styles and colors are fairly limited, but just tell them what you like in a jean and they will pull some options for you.


Once you find a fit that you mostly like, one of their trained staff members will stand you in front of a mirror and begin pinning away until you have the perfect jean. The tailoring is included in the price and can be done while you wait. These bad boys are made to last a lifetime so I don't recommend making the hefty investment if you plan on gaining or losing weight anytime soon.

My favorite cut is the Lucy (lower rise, slim fit). The off-the-rack pair actually fit me perfectly, so it didn't seem worth it to buy a full priced pair. I opted for the sale pair in the Slate wash. I really liked the black wash, but since I wasn't getting a unique custom fit, I still wanted something special and the slate color is something I have never seen anywhere else. The pictures online just don't do it justice.


+ Amazing Customer Service
+ Custom Fit
+ American Made
+ High Quality You Can Feel
+ Run Big So You Feel Skinny
+ Back Rise Longer Than Front to Prevent Surprises When Bending Over


- Price ($200-$300)
- No Tailoring on Sale Items ($145)
- Limited Options
- Denim Feels Stiff (meant to be broken in and mold to your body)



Even if you don't intend to buy a pair of jeans, the store is worth a visit. It's in a great location, filled with a friendly staff, and gives off an effortlessly cool vibe. I would recommend these jeans to the person who can never find quite the right fit. Are store bought jeans always too long? Do they pucker up in the back? Do you wish skinny jeans would have more calf or thigh space? Then go get yourself a custom pair of jeans!! But if you are average with long legs, then the fresh off the rack pair with a 33" inseam will fit you perfectly and absolutely no tailoring will be necessary, making it anti-climactic and slightly over priced.

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