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Stair Runners on a Budget

I love wood floors just as much as the next girl, but wooden staircases can be really dangerous for kids and pets (and adults wearing socks). Growing up my dog took a few tumbles sprinting down the stairs and from then on we had to carry her up and down or put up with her wailing while she waited by the stairs. Solution: stylish runners. 

Stair Runners on a Budget

As I've started to brainstorm my next house (finally a non-rental yay!) stair runners have definitely been on my radar. It needs to look good, put up with heavy traffic, and be inexpensive. 

I love the look of a natural fiber rug, but they are so hard to clean that I had to rule it out for the stairs.

Stair Runners on a Budget

After a lot of entertaining and a slew of messy pets, I found that flat weave rugs with a pattern tend to be the most durable and easy to clean/hide stains. 

Stair Runners on a Budget

Stair Runners on a Budget

Stair Runners on a Budget

Stair Runners on a Budget

Finding a good deal on smaller carpets and combining a few of them to get one continuous runner is a good budget friendly option. 

This tutorial from Little Green Notebook is a great use of 4 Ikea rugs to make one full length runner for $100.

DIY Stair Runner

And, at $30 for two rugs, this tutorial from Golden Boys & Me is right up my alley.

DIY Stair Runner

Here are a few of my favorite budget friendly picks:

::: IKEA :::

Ikea Stair Runner
                                                             RORHOLT | $9.99


Overstock Budget Friendly Stair Runner
Stripes | $50.99
Moroccan | $67.10
Navy Abstract | $31.44
Grey Geometric | $31.68

::: RUGS USA :::

Rugs USA Budget Friendly Stair Runner
Chevron | $96
Grey Trellis | $104


Diamond | $34
Navy Star Tile | $34
Gray Costa Geo | $44

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