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About The Twisted Horn:

The Twisted Horn is a lifestyle blog created by two sisters from California that love to decorate and hate paying full price for anything. We were raised by a paint-crazy mom who kindly let us decorate our rooms as wild as our hearts desired and a dad who insisted there were no limits to DIYs. If we had our say, we would probably live together in a budget friendly, but beautifully decorated house for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately, I don’t think our husbands would approve! We created this blog as a way to share our projects and decorating ideas with our family and friends, and hopefully inspire each other to push our limits along the way.

About Briana:

I’m a native San Diegan currently living with my husband and spaztastic dog, Cash. This blog sprang from my love of living, decorating, and a continually evolving style. As a kid I would constantly decorate, redecorate, and rearrange my room to match my ever changing moods.  One year it would be a leopard phase and then next it was a Parisian affair. My mom was always there to help turn my ideas into a reality. When I couldn’t find the perfect faux fur leopard print comforter we went to the fabric store, chose my fabric, trim, and insert and got to work! We may have been limited in funds, but, in the famous words of Tim Gunn, we made it work. In the end, my vision had become a reality and it meant so much more to me because we had created it.

My love for design and DIY has followed me into my adult life. I discovered I love to repurpose furniture - taking something old or bland and making it into something new. Moving from San Diego to Boston, and Texas in between, has allowed me to experiment with my style. Each place had space requirements and demanded different things, forcing me to adapt my organization and decorating accordingly. The Northeast has also opened up an entirely new fashion opportunity “requiring” me to expand my wardrobe. (But guess what? You can be cute AND warm in the winter!) This blog is a reflection of who I am and includes the things I enjoy most:  creating, decorating, eating, and clothes. Enjoy!

About Tana:

I am a California girl by nature and a French woman by heart.  I’m a lover of all things handmade, animals, crafting, weddings, design, cooking, eating, creating and my hubby. I work full time, but in my spare time you will find me working on a project, enjoying time with family and friends, or on Pinterest. I am inspired by my sister, my friends, other bloggers, and nature. I admire the unwavering kindness and impartial love that all dogs give. 

I love to shop bargain hunt and replicate designer looks on a budget – not so much because I have to, but because I don’t believe in paying more than you have to for anything. Plus, there is nothing better than admiring something in your home that you made with your bare hands! Both my fashion sense and decorating style are ever changing and this blog is a place for me to document it along the way. Hopefully this blog will inspire someone else to get their hands dirty!

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  1. I just found your blog and I absolutely love it!!! :) Keep up the blogging! I could see you girls going far. Love your DIY clay mask. Such a great idea <3 xoxox


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